7 Design Options to Consider if You Work Remotely

Building a home can be a great opportunity to construct that home office you’ve always wanted if you work remotely. There are too many occasions where remote workers clock in from a kitchen table with stacks of paper around them. Maybe you have a makeshift desk in the living room where you work from the couch. Either way, designing and building your custom home can put an end to your less than satisfactory working conditions. 

Having a work area large enough to accommodate your needs can go a long way for people who work from home. Extra space keeps you more organized and leads to a higher quality of work in the end. Sure, you can buy expensive desks with different features, but why settle for that when you can customize your own office with extra bells and whistles? 

If you’ve been thinking about constructing a home and you work remotely, we’ve got the perfect article for you. Keep reading for seven design options for your custom home if you work remotely. 

Built-In Desk and Office Area

If you live in a home where it may not be necessary to have a private room where you can block out noise, you can take advantage of this inconspicuous design. A built-in desk and office area are perfect for a quiet home for a retiree or parents who have children that have already left the nest. 

The desk can be built directly into the wall to suit your height—select stylish and sturdy cabinets, cubbies, and shelves to house all of your supplies. Pick a color to match your home’s theme, and you’re good to go. 

Lighting the Area

Regardless of the type of office you build, we decided this had to be on the list because of its importance. The lighting in your work area is extremely important. Take advantage of new construction by building brilliant light fixtures to brighten up your remote work area. 

You can design larger, main overhead lights for nighttime work. Another idea we like is smaller, built-in desk lamp style fixtures for mid-level on the wall. 

Noise Proof

If you have a home with younger children, you know the pain of trying to do computer work with screaming toddlers. It can be nearly impossible and leaves you frustrated beyond belief. If you’re designing and building a new home, this is your chance to remedy these situations. 

Reserve an area of the home for a soundproof room. Specialty wall materials can be installed to block out noises from the inside or out. Alternatively, you can design the office in a completely different wing or area of the home. A backyard home office can be built separately or build an addition onto the garage.

Under the Stairs

Underneath the stairway is a cute, cozy place to design your home office. If the requirements of your remote job are minimal, you can easily design a small office space beneath the stairs. You can choose to leave these open or install a small sliding door to allow for more privacy. Take this idea to another level and incorporate a built-in desk like the office from idea number one. 

Attic Space

For some reason, we feel like this would be a great option for a writer. If your custom home has sufficient attic space, consider using it for a remote office instead of just storage. If your home is a higher elevation and there’s a view to take in, make sure you position the main portion of the office next to a window. Taking advantage of a breathtaking view can be a great way to inspire you to get into your work. 

Pocket Office

Pocket offices are growing in popularity. You might not need a luxurious, sprawling property to make this design come true, but they’re relaxing and stylish either way. These offices are installed in cutouts along the walls, similar to how a breakfast nook would be arranged. Position them in front of windows to get the benefits of natural lighting. 

The Style of a Study

We reserved the best for last. Add the highest levels of style and build yourself a classy study full of all the typical elements you would expect of such a design. Build custom shelves along the walls for your favorite books and literature. Pick your favorite lighting and include a luxury touch on the ceiling design. Finally, don’t forget the large oak desk. This is important.