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“Smart Homes”- A Comprehensive Look At The Newest Technologies Available For Custom Homes In Dallas (Or Anywhere In The World).

If you’re going to build a custom home in Dallas (or anywhere), you’d be remiss not to explore the “Smart Home” options available today. Smart home devices of all kinds now allow homeowners to automate practically every aspect of their home’s operations, from temperature to audio to lighting, to cooking and cleaning and many, many other […]

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The Newest Trends in Dallas Custom Homes

If you are considering building your own custom home in Dallas, now is the perfect time. According to the Dallas Business Journal, new home construction in Dallas soared in 2020, even after the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the construction of new single-family homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area surged by 30% […]

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Discover the Real Cost of Building a New Home in Dallas, Texas

Every week thousands of people across the nation are searching the web for information on moving to Dallas and the North Texas area in general. Companies and individuals are moving here in droves due to our booming economy, laissez-faire government, low taxes and central geographic location. Those who land on our blog are clearly contemplating […]