Creative Closet Designs and Ideas for Your Custom Home

Closets can be designed in a number of ways. They can be typical and expected, using a mass-produced system from a big-box store. Or they can be semi-custom, using a pre-made set from a store, but designed in a way that meets the specifications of both your closet space and your clothing storage needs. Then again, a closet can also go the fully-custom route with high quality built-ins that are made exactly to the room’s dimensions and customized in new and unexpected ways. No matter the type or level of customization you choose, a master closet deserves a healthy dose of creativity. 


A walk-in closet in a custom home isn’t complete without seating. After all, everyone needs an area to put on shoes, or an extra surface to toss clothes on occasion. That seating could be an ottoman, bench, or comfortable chair. But as long as you’re going the custom home route, why not get creative with your seating? A custom-made island dresser in the center of your closet is great for extra storage, but it’s also an opportunity to build a permanent seating solution. Especially if you opt for a plush upholstered bench seat, it’s guaranteed to elevate both the style and functionality of the entire space. Another seating option for wardrobes with cabinet doors is to build in a bench that spans the length of the wall. Similar to a mudroom design, this allows for plenty of seating, and because it’s built along the wall, it saves floor space and keeps the room open and unobstructed.

Dual Office Space

One of the benefits of a custom home is the high square footage, including a spacious master bedroom closet. But not everyone needs multiple dressers or standing storage units in addition to the built-in wall units. So, what do you do with the extra space in the center of the closet? You can certainly keep it open, but putting it to good use is also a smart idea. In current times when remote work is the norm, why not use the extra floor space for a comfortable home office? This is especially a great solution if you have multiple remote workers in your household. With a bright window and a trend-setting desk, it can be the perfect quiet retreat to get your work done each day.

Space Savers

From a functional perspective, a custom closet absolutely needs space-saving organizers. Dedicated racks, drawers, and shelves are important foundations, of course. But beyond this, you’ll want to consider creative dividers and drawer inserts to make the best use of your closet. Honeycomb compartment inserts are great for rolled shirts or undergarments. Beyond this, drawer organizers can come in handy for jewelry, accessories, perfume, or makeup. For articles of clothing that need to stay crisp and starched, you should consider pull-out racks for dress pant storage, or even install a revolving tie rack to display your most-used ties. In addition, we recommend skipping the floor hamper. Instead, go for a built-in hamper that pulls out from your closet cabinetry. This allows you to easily collect dirty clothes and keep the floor of your closet spotless.

Open Closet Design

Closets don’t always need to be tucked out of sight. In fact, some of the most intriguing closet designs are easily accessible and located right within the main bedroom area. The trick to this design, though, is to keep the area partially hidden. Erecting a custom wall between the bedroom and the closet space allows you to keep your clothing out of direct sight, but still gives the effect of an open and airy space. In this case, your closet feels connected to your bedroom, both in style and in terms of natural lighting. No need to worry about installing an extra window. With an open closet design, the flow between your bedroom and closet is seamless.

Custom Shelving for Unique Nooks 

At times, a custom home may make use of every floor – including the traditional attic space. What that means is that instead of using that level for storage or insulation alone, it is used as a bedroom or other living space. In these situations, installing a creative closet system is essential. The key in unique areas like lofts or eaves is to make use of every nook and cranny. Consider building shelves that slant into the unused corner between the slanted ceiling and floor. By using these for shoe storage, for instance, you can easily fit daily essentials without the space feeling awkward or misplaced. Likewise, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of any wall space and build your closet vertically. Don’t be afraid to incorporate hooks or ceiling-suspended rods in order to accommodate non-traditional closet areas of your home.


Finally, a custom closet always needs good lighting. Whether that’s an overhead chandelier, in-cabinet LED lights, or overhead track lighting, it’s a must to illuminate the entire space. Not only do you need lights to see the actual clothes in your closet, but you also need lighting to see an accurate reflection of your outfit in the mirror. Whenever possible, we also recommend installing an exterior window. The natural light combined with the well-lit interior will make for a pleasant closet space and experience overall.

Creating the ideal custom closet takes more than a pre-made kit. It takes innovation and a deep understanding of how you intend to use the space. Are you someone who prefers utility and function above all else? Then a well-designed and organized closet is for you. Do you prefer to add a dash of style to every space – including your closet? Then a beautiful closet with a stylish light fixture, comfortable rug, and plush seating may be your best choice. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your closet design. The resulting experience will be well worth it.

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