Must-Haves for Your Custom Home Master Bath

stone and ceramic bathroom in a custom home in dallas

One of the best aspects of building your own custom home is the fact that you get to quite literally start from scratch. There’s no need to sacrifice on space or square footage, ceiling height or plumbing locations. You can skip the costly retrofitting of an older home, and you never have to face the disappointment that often comes with the realization that that dreamy master suite you envisioned simply cannot happen.

A custom home gives you all the freedom to choose exactly what you want. And one of the most popular areas for customization is hands down the master bath. While each custom bath can look vastly different, depending on each owners’ personal tastes and preferences, there are a few must-haves to consider when designing your own space that you definitely won’t want to skip.

Trendsetting Tile

Incorporating a tile pattern into your master bath that you love through and through is essential. Sure, a run-of-the-mill white or grey tile will look classic and beautiful, but why not take this opportunity to choose something that you know you’ll adore for years to come? Tile is one of the most impactful design choices you can make because it instantly sets the tone and aesthetic for a room. Just be sure that when you’re selecting your tile, you consider all angles. Consult with your contractor on which types of tile may or may not be more difficult to install, and likewise, understand that there is a wide range of price points to consider. Similarly, when choosing your style, consider the longevity of the design. Is it something you could design around endlessly – like a stunning creamy catalina tile? Or are you drawn to a vibrant encaustic tile that you just can’t take your eyes off of (and are more than ready to commit to a bold vibe overall)? Whatever your decision, just know that replacing tile down the road is not an easy (or cheap) task, so you want to find the best fit for the long run.

Double Sink

There are definitely gorgeous single-sink designs out there, but if you have a custom home, why not go for the double sink setup? Trust us when we say that it can be a gamechanger for your relationship. Each person gets their own space, and there’s no debating where you put your toothbrush, hair products, or makeup. If having a double sink has always felt like a faraway luxury, well, now’s the time to embrace it. You have a custom home after all! Go for the design you want.

Ample Storage

Speaking of personal space, one thing that is absolutely non-negotiable is ensuring you have ample storage in your master bath. Whether you’re opting for vanity drawers, a custom-built linen closet, or even a few strategically-placed open shelves, having space to store all those unsightly odds and ends we all use each day in the bathroom is highly recommended. In fact, if you’ve ever had trouble achieving that hotel-quality bathroom style because of constantly-cluttered countertops, then this will be a lifesaver for you. Now, your storage areas don’t have to be perfect, but even something as simple as an open drawer where you can quickly toss your daily toiletries out of sight will give your master bath a luxurious spa-like aesthetic each and every day.


A custom master bath isn’t complete without relaxation at the forefront of the design. Not everyone will want the same elements, of course, but whether you love a rejuvenating shower each morning, or prefer a long bath before bed, you should incorporate your lifestyle into your design. Skip the typical tub/shower combo and single shower head. With a custom master bath, you have the chance to go all out (and we highly recommend doing so). If you have the square footage, it’s worth it to install both a soaking tub and a separate walk-in shower so you can take advantage of both options. Or, at the very least, if a tub is something you just aren’t into at all, be sure to make your walk-in shower as luxurious as possible with custom shower heads that will make you feel as though you’ve entered a tropical paradise each morning. 

Quality Faucets & Hardware

To top everything off, your custom master bath needs to have a collection of quality faucets and hardware. And while it can be tempting to simply opt for the builder-grade materials, in our opinion, it’s worth it big time to source more unique hardware to fit your personal style. Aesthetically, it can be the difference between an exact replica of your neighbor’s home or a magazine-worthy design that wows guests for years (and makes you feel right at home). If you’re wondering where to start, we recommend first narrowing down your desired aesthetic. Whether you love modern, traditional, boho, vintage, or coastal, knowing your style is going to help you narrow down your options. Then, you’ll need to decide on a metal finish. The simplest solution is to keep all of your finishes consistent throughout the entire room, but you can certainly mix and match metals, too. Just remember to keep some consistency throughout by choosing no more than three metals and keeping like metals on the same plane (e.g. all vanity hardware in one metal, your light fixtures in another, and your faucets in another). 

There are endless directions you can take your master bathroom design. But no matter the specifics you choose, if you make sure to prioritize these must-haves, there’s no reason you can’t have a custom space that fits your every need. Because achieving a space that encourages total relaxation isn’t just for high-end hotels. You can get that same feeling inside the walls of your own home. With a custom master bath built to your exact specifications, you’ll never want to leave.

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